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Sensory Stimulation with The Spectracolor Spa

The SpectraColor Spa System provides the ultimate sensory stimulation to caress the mind and body with light, sound, aroma, color, vibratory massage and heat. Delight yourself with the inclusion of three modalities of light: color, full spectrum and Alpha/Theta light stimulus. Chromatic Light System The multi-chromatic light system bathes the client in an array of colors from the rainbow's entire visible spectrum, creating optimum color balance through the illumination of twelve strategically placed chromatic lights. Full Spectrum Light SpectraColor produces the same light as natural sunlight using six full spectrum bulbs in the chromadome to create a vibrant "pure white" light. Full Spectrum Light illuminates the body, elevates the mood and brightens the spirit. The color ray index of Full Spectrum Light does not have UV rays and will not tan the skin, cause premature aging or damage. It is equivalent to healthy, bright sunlight.

Strobe Lights A pulsating red LED strobe light in the SpectraColor allows the choice of four different wavelength settings to help clients attain a positive, meditative state of mind. The strobe system

OTHER FEATURES Aroma Cool Face Air Dry Heat Sauna Ergonomically-Contoured Bed Calorie Indicator Soothing Back and Thigh Heat Pad Stereo CD Sound System Vibratory Massage

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