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About Us

Dr. Stephen Perlman is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College.  He opened his office in White Plains in 1992.  Dr. Perlman continues to attend yearly continuing education courses. 


The office is furnished with modern therapeutic equipment. 


Feel free to contact Dr. Perlman with any questions or concerns.

             OUR GOAL
Our goal is to help you function at your maximum potential.  This can be achieved by combining in-office treatment with an active home care regime.  Getting you back to your activities of daily living and a pain free life is how our business succeeds. 
In 1992 we started with one patient and created a successful referral based business.
We hope that based on your positive experience you will feel inclined to spread the word about our quality service.


Package discounts are available for Spinal Decompression, Spectracolor Spa, and Mild Hyperbaric treatment.


Dr. Perlman suggests that these services are purchased in a package because maximum medical improvement is often not experienced unless you have a course of treatments. Packages are the most cost effective way to obtain lower, per treatment costs.



Dr. Stephen Perlman is available to teach

proper ergonomics in the work place.

Understanding why repetitive injuries occur and implementing proper training can greatly reduce Workers' Compensation Claims.


Call Dr. Perlman today to get a quote for inspecting your work place and teaching your employees proper posture and ergonomics.


(914) 993-9125


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