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Since 1992, Dr. Stephen Perlman has been serving the Westchester County community.  Our goal is to determine each individuals maximum, functional potential and apply the necessary therapeutic procedures in order to achieve success.

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           Spinal Decompression


Spinal decompression is a non-surgical and drug-free answer for disc-related syndromes of the lumbar or cervical spine. Many patients experience relief from the pain associated with herniated discs, sciatica, bulging discs, facet syndrome, degenerative joint disease, pinched nerves, and other spinal afflictions. Spinal disc decompression uses computer-aided technology to apply gentle, non-surgical decompression to your spine, increasing circulation into the spinal discs and joints, thus helping to relieve the symptoms that cause pain and dysfunction.

           Cold Laser Therapy

Cold lasers are FDA cleared and widely used for treatment of: Acute and chronic pain, ligament sprains, muscle strains,

soft tissue injuries, tendonitis, arthritis, tennis elbow, bursitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, fibromyalgia and headaches.

The goal of laser therapy is to deliver light energy units from red and infrared laser radiation--called photons-- to damaged cells. The photons absorbed by the cells through laser therapy stimulate the mitochondria of the cell to accelerate production of ATP. This biochemical increase in cell energy is used to transform live cells from a state of illness or injury to a healthy state. By pre-treating with Cold LaserTherapy prior to beginning Decompression, the patient may experience relaxation and relief of muscle and joint aches.

            Mild Hyperbaric Therapy


The best and largest of The Oxyhealth mild hyperbaric chambers, the Vitaeris 320 boasts a roomy 32” inflated diameter that comfortably seats two.  Dual pumps boost inflation time and provide twice the airflow throughout the chamber. 

            Spectracolor Spa


The SpectraColor Spa System provides the ultimate sensory stimulation to caress the mind and body with light, sound,

aroma, color, vibratory massage and heat. Delight yourself with the inclusion of three modalities of light: color, full spectrum

and Alpha/Theta light stimulus. SpectraColor produces the same light as natural sunlight using six full spectrum bulbs in the chromadome to create a vibrant "pure white" light. Full Spectrum Light illuminates the body, elevates the mood and

brightens the spirit. The color ray index of Full Spectrum Light does not have UV rays and will not tan the skin,

cause premature aging or damage. It is equivalent to healthy, bright sunlight.A pulsating red LED strobe light in the

SpectraColor allows the choice of four different wavelength settings to help clients attain a positive, meditative state of

mind. The strobe system dramatically compliments spa sessions for mind and body balance.

                Custom Orthotics, Shoes, Sandals and Sneakers
      With innovative, breakthrough technology, the 3D BodyView® with V7+3D™ scans your feet and sends the information
      to FootLeveler's Laboratory where your orhotics are fabricated.  Correcting imbalances in the feet can properly align
      the body. V7+3D™ delivers a quick 'scan' of the feet and produces individualized reports that are easy for you to understand.


2 North Broadway (at the corner of Main Street)

in White Plains, New York

(914) 993-9125



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