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Dr. Perlman would like to thank all of his patients who have contributed to his success thru patient referrals and positive internet reviews.


I've been seeing Dr Perlman for about 3 years now. He helped me get through a very painful neck injury. He's very knowledgable. Besides helping through the neck issue, he helped me with sinus/allergies and hay fever.

I don't have insurance and his prices have always been very reasonable. I definitely recommend him!


Yahoo User


Dr. Perlman has helped me numerous times over the last several years. I now go to his office for Chiropractic and massage. An esthetician joined the practice and offers Organic Skin Care. Make an appointment with
Dr. Perlman. You will not be disappointed!


Sara. J


Dr. Perlman provides my sons and I with chiropractic services. He is kind and helps us manage our physical issues with heat therapy and manipulation. He also related with my sons on various levels, something rarely seen in a practioners office. I highly recommend Dr. Perlman.


Awilda C.


Dr. Perlman, is by far one of the best chiro's in the country. I've been to chiropractors all over the states and not one of them has been able to adjust the way he does. I've had this conversation with several of his clients and they all say the same thing. He works the neck well and the rest of the back just follows it's amazing. Everytime I left I could not believe how relaxed my back felt all the way down. Amazing, nothing short of I wish I lived close by.

Brian A


Dr Perlman is the best chiropractor I have ever seen. He has helped my whole family. When my father comes to visit from Peru, he wants to be seen by Dr Perlman because he makes him feel better.


Carmen G.


I have been seeing Dr. Perlman for severe, lower back pain.  I started a course of Spinal Decompression and within two visits I had no more pain down my legs.  His price for a series of treatments was half the price I was paying at another office.  I am very satisfied!


Matthew B


Cold Laser Therapy to the rescue!  Helped get rid of my tennis elbow and plantar fascitis.  The orthotics I ordered are helping my feet.  Dr. Perlman has been a blessing.


Mary J.

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